Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time to catch up...

So it's been awhile.  Sorry about that.  We've been busy with school and church activities.  Thankfully Pat's school semester is over and he doesn't go back until June.  I'm hoping to catch up on some things while he's around more this month, one of which is posting on the blog ;0).  So in the past month this is what we've been up too...


The girls look a little uncomfortable around Daddy with nasty facial hair ;0). It was all shaved off a week later after Prem's 30th Birthday Mustache Bash.  

Spring Choir Performance 

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Bear fractured her leg, AGAIN?  Yes, our very delicate Bear fractured her other tibia.  And in case you've lost count, that makes a total of 3 casts for our 3 year old.  This time it was a result of a trampoline accident.  I'm looking into getting some sort of bubble suit for her to wear around.  Since she is a cast expert at this point, she got around very well in her bright sparkly yellow cast.  She wasn't going to miss singing with the 3 year old choir.  She proudly stood front and center holding hands with two sweet friends next to her and sang every word.  

Curly's choir performed songs about being good friend.  Curly acted the part of  "Grand I Am".  Basically she had to act like she was way to important to stop and help Tahope Joe who had broken down. She was so excited to have an acting part.  

10 Years Strong

On April 27, we celebrated 10 years of marriage.  Our actual anniversary fell in the middle of Pat's finals so we had to delay celebrating for a few days.  On Tuesday May 1st, we flew to the Bahamas to spend a few days relaxing in the sun. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Grand Bahamian Resort.  The weather was absolutely perfect every day we were there. We relaxed, played in the sand, sailed catamarans, ate a lot, soaked up sun and relaxed some more. It was glorious.  Grandma came to our house to take care of the kiddos and Pap Pap joined her later in the week.  They did an awesome job getting the girls to and from their different schools and after school activities and dealing with the Bear's cast.  Thanks you so much for letting us escape town for a few days!

The resort had a private island about a half mile off shore. We found this secluded spot on the back side of the island. We were literally the only people there.  These two pictures show our view from our private island spot. 

Pat sailing his little catamaran.  I went out with him once but it was a little to small and my fear of ocean water was a little to big, so I was one and done.  He went sailing several times and even made friends with a sea turtle. 

We spent most evenings after dinner by the fire pits watching the sun set.  They had a saxophone player  that played relaxing music. 

What we missed while away:

Unfortunately we missed Curly's end of the year kindergarten performance while in the Bahamas.  Thankfully her wonderful teacher, Mrs Hutcherson, arranged for us to see a rehearsal Monday morning.  It was so precious.  The kids did an amazing job and Curly was so happy we got to see the show before we left.  Grandma and Pap were thrilled to be able to see the real performance.  A friend sent me a video she took of the performance.  Her daughter, Vivian, and Curly were both part of the school of fish.  Curly was actually the school's teacher.  Click here to see the video. 
 Curly's song is around the 3 minute mark.  She is on the right hand side of the video next to the board.  As the teacher fish, she pointed out parts of the fish body.  Vivian was on the opposite side of the stage so her mom went back and forth to get both girls in the video.  All the kids sing the finale at the end.  Here are some pictures I took at the rehearsal.  I have another friend sending me pictures from the actual performance but I don't have them yet.  

 The school of fish

The teacher fish

They're on their way. FIRST GRADE! FIRST GRADE!


Our sweet little breakable Bear turns 4 this Sunday.  She got to celebrate her birthday with her preschool class today because tomorrow is the Mother's Day Tea.  This weekend with have a party and a trip to the zoo planned.  Hopefully next week I'll be able to post again about all that good stuff.  

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  1. Your vacay looks divine! Glad y'all had fun!