Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bump and The Fall

On Wednesday mornings I go to my bible study at church. The Bear goes to her "class" in the nursery. Her teachers are Ms Betsy and Ms Claire but if you ask The Bear they are both named BetsyClaire. Much like if you show her a picture of Winnie the Pooh she says "Look there's TiggerPooh". Ms Betsy and Ms Claire go together like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too so in her little mind there is no need to use separate names.

Because bible study runs until noon, I let Curly stay for lunch bunch at her preschool on Wednesdays. As I was leaving church this past Wednesday, I checked a voicemail message I received during bible study when my phone was on silent. Yikes! It was Curly's preschool calling to inform me that she had had an accident on the playground that morning. The message her teacher left assured me that Curly seemed fine (no bleeding no broken bones) and that she really really wanted to still stay for lunch bunch. Well naturally I immediately feel like the Worst Mom Ever for putting my phone on silent instead of on vibrate where I would have felt it ring and could look and see it was my child's preschool calling. I called them back immediately and talked to one of her teacher's, Ms Carol. She told me that Curly had been climbing the stairs to the slide, bumped her head at the top of the stairs , and the fell back down. Ms Carol said she saw her bump her head and lose her balance and she ran as fast as she could over to catch Curly but didn't make it in time. She said Curly wasn't bleeding but had what looked like a long rug burn down her back. They put ice on it. Ms Carol also said Curly was no longer crying and still really really wanted to stay for lunch bunch. So I let her stay. The mother in me wanted to go to the school ASAP and get my baby, but knowing my Curly, she would get upset if I didn't let her stay and socialize with friends during lunch. The next day when I took Curly to school, the ladies helping in the carpool line asked about her back. I told them it was all better. They said "Even through her tears yesterday, she kept saying she still wanted to stay for lunch bunch. That was her biggest concern through all the tears.".

This morning Curly asked me to take a picture of her back so she could see what it looked like. She also wanted to make sure all of her grandparents got to see her injury and hear about her fall. I thought I'd let her tell the story in her own words:

"Well, I was out on the playground riding the roller coaster (mommy is not sure what this roller coaster thingy is). Then I was climbing up the stairs and not looking where I was going and I bumped my head on a piece of brick. And then I well, I fell down steps onto some sticks and then Ms Carol tried to catch me but um. Then Ms Angie gave me a cold star and I put it on my back. Then they asked me if I wanted to go home with my mommy and I told them I wanted to stay for lunch bunch because I liked staying and I wanted to. When I got back from crying, someone pushed Hailey down but she didn't cry like me and then we had to go inside because too many kids were falling. That is all. "

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Review

This past Saturday was crazy busy in our world. Daddy has class all day on Saturday so I was on my own with two little girls and a jam packed schedule.

The day started with Curly's soccer game. She was the only player on her team to score a goal! Note I did not say who she scored a goal for ;0). After the game she came up to me and said " Mommy, I scored a goal in the other team's goal but Coach Doug said that's okay so it's okay.". And it was totally okay. Upward Soccer doesn't keep score for kids this young. No winners and losers yet. Good thing because our little Kangaroos would have lost like 20 to 0. The other team had some awesome players who weren't afraid to go after the ball. The Kangaroos need a little help being more aggressive towards the ball. We're working on it though.

Soccer playin' in her shades

Immediately after the game we dashed off to a birthday party for one of Curly's classmates. I dropped Curly off and took The Bear over to a friends house to eat lunch and take a nap. I left The Bear sleeping at my friends house along with her baby and went to get Curly from the birthday party. Then we went home to start getting ready for a going away party I was helping to throw for some dear friends who were moving up to Minnesota. We've known Ben and Kelly for about 6 years. They are amazing friends and we will miss them a lot. Our girls had a special relationship with them as well. As we were leaving the party and saying our good-byes, Daddy calls to Curly, "Curly come in here and hug Mr Ben and Ms Kelly, you'll never see them again!" Tears all around after that uplifting send off. Oh that husband of mine is so good with words ;0). He did feel bad for phrasing his words so harshly. We are hoping to visit them next summer when we head to Minnesota to visit family.

We'll miss y'all!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Photo

The Bear and Abby entertain themselves at soccer practice.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tis the season

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tis the Season for college football:
Once upon a time we travelled to the Loveliest Village on the Plains just about every weekend to watch our much loved Auburn Tigers play football. We both believe in Auburn and love it. We love the town. We love the fans. We love Aubie. We love football. I used to spend time reading sports articles, listening to sports radio, watching all the games that came on television. Then we had kids. Kids have a funny way of making college football not seem so important (or important at all). They aren't born understanding the game. They don't want to listen to sports radio. They don't want me to read them sports articles. They aren't born with an allegiance to one team (though as responsible parents we are steering them in the appropriate direction). Don't get me wrong, it's still a blast to go to Auburn, but do we go all the time? No. We can't. And that's okay for this season of our lives. Our babies are only little once.

Aubie is such a cutie!

Tis the season for school:
Daddy is in school getting his MBA. It's been an adjustment for all of us, but I think we have found a balance. He is very organized with his study time and makes sure he spends plenty of time with me and our babies. Daddy is actually enjoying school. He has already been able to apply a lot of what he has learned to his job. Curly is also in PreK four days a week. Our little social butterfly absolutely loves every minute of it. This year we are carpooling with our little neighbor, Matthew, so that makes going to and from school even more fun for her. The Bear is still having a bit of trouble adjusting to Curly going to school. She wants to go too. The Bear will start next year, so until then I am enjoying my time with her and soaking up as much time with her as I can until she starts.

Curly and Matthew carpooling
(I was parked in the driveway when I snapped the picture not actually driving)

Tis the season for soccer:
Curly has started Upward Soccer at church. Upward it a great program that teaches the kids the fundamentals of the game and makes sure each child plays gets equal playing time. Her team is the Kangaroos. Her coaches are Coach Trey, Coach Doug and Coach John (all of which have daughters on her team). So far she seems to like it. Curly loves going practice and doing drills. What she's not great at is taking the ball away from the other team. She's been taught her whole life to share and not take things from other people, and now we are telling her to take the ball away from the kids on the other team. We've only had one game so hopefully she will get the hang of it as the season progresses. Unfortunately the first game had to be at 2:30 in the afternoon because of a local parade, so it was HOT HOT HOT. The heat could have had something to do with her lack of energy to get in the mix and try to take the ball away. The rest of her games will all be in the morning. Curly's jersey is HUGE! It absolutely swallows her. There was a mix up in her order, so she has a regular small instead of an XS. Oh well, it's more like a dress than a jersey, which she likes.

Curly and Avery

Pre Game pep talk from Daddy

#4 Claire, #21 Curly and #5 Avery
Two of Curly's best friends

And they're off!
(Curly is on the far left)

Kangaroos Score!
(Curly is far right)

Water Break!

Curly is in the middle

Halftime devotional with Coach Trey

Congratulating the other team after the game
(The Kangroos won! Woo Hoo)

Happy that we are on our way to get frozen yogart with Avery!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Curly Funny

Curly has been having issues with her rest/nap time lately. The issue being she's not doing it. Then when daddy comes home at night she is cranky, whiney and all around unpleasant to be around because she's tired. The following is a recap of our lunch conversation:

Me: Curly, tonight you have soccer practice. You really need to rest today. You need to stay in your bed and obey mommy. No getting out of bed, no singing loudly, no playing, only resting.

Curly : What will happen if I get up?

Me: I will go into your room, put you back to bed and start taking things away from you.

Curly: Okay, when you come in the first time take one pair of pants. Then when you come back again take another pair. Keep doing that until all my pants are gone.

Me (laughing): Honey, you don't get to choose what I take away and if you keep getting out of your bed I may take everything away except all your pants.

That girl is hilarious. I think pants were on her mind because I made the horrible suggestion this morning that she wear this cute outfit someone gave her to school. It was a pink tank top with capri pants. Wish I had a picture of her face when I showed it to her. Total disgust.