Friday, January 27, 2012

5 + 95

Today was the 100th of school. All the kindergarten classes celebrated by dressing up like they were 100 years old. It was a little weird and unusual, but a lot of fun. I had no clue how to dress up Curly. A friend from church let me and another mom borrow some clothes that her daughters wore when they were in kindergarten for the 100th day celebration. Curly didn't like some of the clothes. "Too itchy", "Too big", "Too hard", "Too yucky". She had lots of excuses. In the end she decided to wear a long white gown (it was kind of like a fancy nightgown) with a small greenish robe overcoat thingy. I did her hair up in a bun and sprinkled baby powder all over it. She accessorized with green Tinkerbell sunglasses that had the lens popped out, and a flower purse. She was SO excited to go to school today. That girl loves a good dress up party even if it means dressing up like an old lady. So without further ado, here is a peek at what our little Curly will look like in 95 years:

100 year old Curly

Curly and Carly future Golden Girls

Not everyone in her class dressed up, but the ones that did had fun with it

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hiatus is over. Time for a catch up.

So I have been kindly told by several family members that my blogging has stunk for the past month. I know. I intentionally planned to take a break over Christmas. Last year, I stressed out over blogging after every holiday event. This year I was trying to make Christmas more relaxing. This blog post will serve as a recap of this past month.

The Bear had her first ballet recital back in December. She was quite possibly the most adorable little angel ever! Her little class danced to the song " Angels We Have Heard on High". The girls did a wonderful job. The Bear really enjoyed her first experience with ballet. This winter The Bear and some of her little friends will be learning ballet from a girl named, Grace, who will come and conduct the class in one of our friend's basements. This will save us money and The Bear will be with her friends. Next fall we may go back to a ballet studio for classes. Curly has expressed interest in taking lessons as well. We'll have to have the discussion over the summer whether they want to take ballet or soccer next fall.

Video of the little angels rehearsing their performance

Angel Bear

All the angels waiting to go on stage

We celebrated Christmas with my parents the weekend before Christmas. They gave the girls their big present a few weeks prior while at their house for Thanksgiving, a mini 4 wheeler. The girls really enjoy riding that around the back yard. The week of Christmas was filled with Christmas parties, visiting the Pink Pig, and lots of cooking/baking. We went to Christmas Eve service at our church and then had a wonderful dinner with some great friends. Christmas morning was filled with a lot of joy and excitement. The girls each got American Girl dolls. Curly had given Santa very specific details as to how she wanted her doll to look. Santa succeeded in getting all the details correct. She named her doll, McKenzie. The Bear got one of the historical dolls, Kit. After we finished up at our house, we drove to Augusta for a few days. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner with family friends. Pat's cousin, Tyler, spent Christmas with us. Both girls are crazy about Tyler. They love love love him and it doesn't hurt that he completely spoiled them rotten with lots of fun gifts for Christmas. Perhaps The Bear's favorite gift of all was a pair of purple pants. When she opened them she exclaimed " PURPLE PANTS! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED PURPLE PANTS". Who knew?

Hey Santa

Nothing says Merry Christmas in Atlanta like riding the Pink Pig

Sweet friends visit Santa and the Pink Pig at Lenox every year

Christmas in Augusta

About a week after the new year, Pat's Gran Tennyson, passed away. We all loaded up in the minivan with Pat's sister, Lauren and her husband, Luke and caravanned with the rest of his family out to Oklahoma. It was very sad to say good-bye to Gran, but it was wonderful to see our Oklahoma family.

The Bear and Aunt Jenna dressed warm for the freezing Oklahoma winds.

Curly and Tyler

Tomorrow Curly and The Bear return to school and a normal schedule. This winter both girls will continue with children's choir every Wednesday at church. Curly is still in her little tumbling class. She will also start taking a Spanish class on Mondays after school. She is muy muy excited to learn Spanish. Pat starts back to school this Thursday. I'm not looking forward to him being in class again but there is light at the end of this MBA tunnel. It will all be over in July. Woo Hoo!