Friday, March 23, 2012

I Love Animals

I love animals. I love puppies. I love pandas. I love bears. I love all animals. Those are common things our little Bear says on a daily basis. She loves all things furry, cuddly, and not human. She loves some humans too but she's much more picky about which humans she deems acceptable ;0). And yes, she often refers to people as humans. Our Bear is funny little thing.

Last weekend Aunt Debbie drove in from Oklahoma and Tyler came over from Clemson to visit us for a few days. Tyler is one of Lily's favorite humans. Both of my girls love Debbie and Tyler so they were super pumped for them to come. While Pat was in class on Saturday, the rest of us headed down to Zoo Atlanta for some St Patrick's Day fun with all the animals. Curly and the Bear were over the moon excited. Aunt Debbie spoiled us rotten by buying us a family annual pass. THANK YOU DEBBIE! So we will be enjoying many days this year at the zoo. The Bear will enjoy this pass most of all. The weather was perfect for walking around the zoo. We had a great time seeing everything and spending quality time with Debbie and Tyler.

The Bear has a major aversion to looking at the camera.

Feeding the birds

Meerkat Curly and Meerkat Debbie

Tyler and Curly trying to get the lions attention

Two little birdies sitting in a nest


Where's the Bear?

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