Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry for yet another new background. We kept getting notifications that our background was going to expire so we needed to get a new one. Perhaps this one will stick for a while. We shall see.

This past weekend, Daddy's family was in town for a visit. Curly and The Bear got to show off their swimming skills for everyone. We all spent a lot of time swimming, shopping and eating. The Bear has no issues with playing favorites. She's always been a mama's girl. She loves her daddy too, but mama is her favorite. She loves her Gran, but PaPa is her favorite. She also loves all three of her aunts, but she got a real special place in her heart for Aunt Katie.

Yay! Aunt Katie is here!

This is the face we got after Aunt Katie left. She kept saying "Where Katie Go?" "Where Katie Go?"

Today we attended a birthday party for one of The Bear's favorite little friends, Abby. We spent the morning playing water games in their backyard and eating yummy food. I love watching my girls play with their little friends. It's so fun to just say "Okay go play" and they just do. Nothing has to be organized or planned out. They use their little imaginations to come up with fun things. I know it won't always be that sweet so I try my best to soak up these moments. Like this one of Curly and her friend Claire.

Rub a Dub Dub, Curly and Claire in a Tub

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Conversations with Curly

Our conversation on the way home from Music Camp:

Curly : "Mommy will Daddy be home after work"

Me : "Yes, he will be home at his normal time"

Curly: " Is he going to watch those people play golf across the ocean again?"

Me: " No sweetie, the golf tournament was over on Sunday"

Apparently she noticed how much daddy watched the British Open this past weekend.

Tonight Daddy and I put the girls in the wagon and walked to the church next to our neighborhood to vote. This is what Curly said after we left.

Curly : "Are we leaving already?"

Daddy : "Yes, we voted, we got our stickers and now we walk home."

Curly : " But we didn't worship yet. When are we going to worship?"

Guess she doesn't understand going to a church and not doing some sort of worship. It was funny.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Catching up!

Sorry I didn't get a post up last week. No real excuse. The girls and I went to Montgomery for a few days to visit Grandma and Pap Pap. Summer swim and tennis lessons are both over now so we are just enjoying as much pool time as we can. Curly continues to do well with swimming. The Bear is fairly timid in the pool; however, just today she actually allowed me to let go of her so she could float on her own (with a floatie of course). This is a HUGE improvement for The Bear and she normally clings for life to someone's arm or neck or hair or whatever body part she can grab. I am hoping this is finally the beginning of her becoming more independent in the pool.

This week the girls are in music camp at church. It's a Rodeo theme. Curly goes to her class by herself for a few hours each morning. I go with The Bear to her music class. She was shy at first today but thankfully her sweet friend, Kate, is in the class. Kate is full of happy energy and she got The Bear in a dancing mood. It didn't take long for her to really start enjoying the class. I am finishing up my last few weeks of Boot Camp and Zumba classes. Have you ever tried Zumba? Well you should. If you don't know what it is, just google it. It's a lot of fun. Boot Camp, though, literally kicks my bootie. My teacher is tough but great. Only two weeks left for both classes.

I just realized I never did a post about the 4th of July. The four of us went to the parade in downtown Woodstock. It's very kid friendly. The girls had a blast. We also had some good friends come into town Saturday afternoon for the weekend. We went back to Woodstock for their fireworks show Saturday night. We tailgated in a Lowe's parking lot until they started. This was the first time we took the girls to fireworks on the 4th. Curly had seen fireworks at Disney World but never on the 4th. Since fireworks didn't start until 9:30, we didn't want to go far from home or get stuck in hours of traffic in Atlanta to see a bigger fireworks show. The Woodstock show was perfect for us right now. Thanks to Alan, Jenny , Laura and Jeffrey for spending your 4th with us. We loved having you all visit. Here are some pictures from the 4th:

American Girls

Not really sure what The Bear is thinking here but she appears to be annoyed at Curly (which often happens).

Waiting for the fireworks

Love this picture of Jenny blowing confetti at Laura. Perfect action shot.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fun

Today's fun is brought to you by Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A. Dress like a cow, eat for free. We, of course, dressed like princess cows because that's how we roll.

We love Chick Fil A

Enjoying her free nuggets


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paint Party!

The girls and I attended a fabulous paint party earlier this week. My friend Eva turned her backyard into a painting wonderland for a bunch of her friends and their kids. I wish I was half as creative as Eva. She thought of everything. There were brushes, sponges, rollers, and paints of all colors. The girls had a great time painting with with everything. They even got to paint with their hands and feet. All the paint was washable of course. At the end the we filled up baby pools and sprayed the kids down with hoses to clean all the paint off. We all then enjoyed picnics lunches in the yard. Afterwards the kids painted cookies for desert. Rumor has is Eva has a bubble party planned later this summer. Sign us up!

Working on her masterpiece

Paint the fence

Blue hands

More paint please mama!

Painting with hands and feet or whatever body part you want

Sweet Painted Sisters

See my hands mama?

Hose 'em down