Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Off With Her Pink Leg

The Bear had her pink cast removed today. Hallelujah! The Bear is used to the little women nurses at her pediatricians office. All the nurses working at this pediatric orthopedic office were large muscular men. I guess orthopedics is a very popular career for ex athletes. The Bear doesn't exactly like strange men. Large strange man completely freak her out. When we first went to this office to get her cast on a few weeks ago, The Bear clung to me for dear life because of all these big men trying to talk to her. This time around she remembered how these men gave her stickers and lollipops to try to make her smile so she was super happy and talkative. I had warned her that when they removed her cast it would be really loud. The nurse gave her ear muffs to where and he let her touch the saw before he started removing the cast. She giggled the whole time. She said it tickled. We got more x-rays taken. They showed that her fracture was all healed. However, The Bear has a pretty ugly bruise on her heel from the cast plus her knee and ankle are a bit sore from not being able to bend for 3 weeks, so she is walking with a pretty heavy limp. The doctor said if she is still limping after 3 weeks to come back. I'm praying that once the bruise on her heel heals, she will be a lot more comfortable walking and there will be no need to return.

Sweet Aunt Shellie, sent The Bear a little teddy bear with a leg wrapped in a pink cast. The Bear kept calling it her "very special special bear". It was such a cute idea and very special to our pink legged cutie. Aunt Shellie also made some pretty bows for Curly which she LOVED. Thanks Aunt Shellie!

Curly decided to wear all the bows Aunt Shellie made for the picture. The Bear is holding her pink legged bear, Julia.

Waiting to get the cast off

Free at last!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toomer's Corner

I, like all the whole Auburn Family, am very saddened by the poisoning of the beautiful oak trees at Toomer's Corner. I like what this Sports Illustrated reporter wrote about the Toomer's poisoning in an article titled " Toomer's Corner Poisoning Should Enrage All College Football Fans".

I could go on and on about how this is NOT a typical rivalry prank. This goes above and beyond silly pranks. This is hurtful and not fixable. Hearing people cheer and applaud what this man did to our beautiful campus is so sad. I am thankful we got to take Curly to one Auburn game and to Toomer's afterwards. We are still holding onto a slim hope that some miracle cure will develop and the trees will be saved but the outlook is extremely grim.

Here are a few pictures of when we took Curly to Toomer's as well as a few more pictures.

Toomer's the morning after the National Championship

Toomer's Oaks, 1890

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Belle of the Ball

Tonight our church hosted a Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance. Last night was a dance for older girls. Tonight's dance was just for 4 year olds through 3 grade. To say Curly has been excited about this dance ( or ball as she call it) is the understatement of the century! She has been over the moon ever since I told her about it. I had her try on dresses in her closet last week to see what she would like to wear. Surprisingly her flower girl dress from Aunt Lauren's wedding a year and a half ago still fit. WOO HOO! It was just a few inches shorter on her but it was still plenty long enough to wear.

Yesterday Daddy came down with a sinus infection. He quickly got on antibiotics. He still felt awful this morning and stayed home sick from work. I was praying hard he would fell better by tonight. Curly was confused as to why Daddy was not at work and still asleep at 8 this morning. She walked into his room and said "Daddy when are you getting up?". He replied " In just a little while. I need a bit more rest.". To which she reasoned "Oh right, you need to rest up for the ball tonight". Yes Curly that's exactly why Daddy needed his rest. Thankfully he did feel much better this evening and he was able to escort his little princess to the ball. On their way home, Daddy mentioned to Curly that next year at the ball she will be too big for him to pick her up and dance as much he did tonight. She excitedly replied "You mean we go AGAIN next year!".

Ready for the Ball

So excited

Daddy and his little girl

Hanging out with her best friends at the dance

Dancing with Daddy

Curly and Claire

Dancing the night away

Friday, February 4, 2011


So our girls have been a bit accident prone lately. Curly got a black eye after colliding with a boy at preschool. She was fine and the bruise was gone in a few days. However, our sweet dramatic Curly milked this injury for all it was worth. She begged for sympathy from anyone who would listen. Have I ever mentioned that Curly is dramatic, extremely dramatic.

Little Rocky Balboa

I told her to toughen up

The Bear has always been our tough little girl. She can fall down and scrape both knees and not shed a tear while bleeding. She tends to cry and get upset more when she's being bossed around by her big sister than when she is physically injured. Last weekend, Daddy was in school and I had a girl's weekend up at Big Canoe in the north Georgia mountains, so the girls spent the weekend in Augusta with Gran and Papa. At some point The Bear fell in their playroom and hurt her leg. She insisted on being carried the whole weekend. When she did try to walk she did so with a very heavy limp. When we got her back on Sunday afternoon she still wasn't walking. So Monday morning we took her to the pediatrician who then sent us over to the pediatric orthopedic doctor. After taking some x-rays, the doctor determined she had a fracture in her tibia right below her knee. She was put in a full leg bright pink cast. The Bear was so brave through the entire process. She didn't cry when they drew blood to test her white blood count at the pediatrician. She didn't cry when they took x-rays. She didn't cry when they put on the cast. She was a brave little girl through the entire process. I cannot even imagine how many tears Curly would have shed in the same situation. The Bear has to wear the cast for three weeks. We are very thankful it's not longer. She's been doing great scooting around on her bottom. Hopefully these three weeks will go by really fast.

Pink Leg

Curly is a bit jealous of the pink leg