Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Align Center
Pinkalicious and Minnie Mouse trying to be scary.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lil' Pumpkins!

This past weekend we went to Berry Patch Farms to visit their pumpkin patch. It's not very big or impressive, but it's free and close. Perhaps when the girls get a bit older (like no longer requiring naps) we'll venture out to the bigger ones and spend a whole day. The Bear was all about the pumpkin patch this year. She loved every minute of it. Curly enjoyed it as well, but in years past we've gone with friends and this year we just made it a family affair and she was a bit upset that all her friends weren't there with us. We know she loves us, but she really loves playing with her friends too. Maybe next year we'll go with friends again.

It was warm this day, so no need to be alarmed about Curly's skirt. She'll wear hard skirts with no issue. Hard pants is a whole other subject.

"Bear, turn your head so I can see your face painting. No, the other way"

"That's better"

Guess Daddy just wanted to focus on the Bear

Not sure why the girls look scared. They loved the tracker ride.

Mommy's lil pumpkins!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fire Safety

A few weeks ago it was Fire Safety Week at Curly's preschool. They met firefighters, looked at their equipment, learned how to stop, drop and roll. Normal stuff for a preschool class. They did the same thing last year. Last year, Curly loved it and had a great time. This year not so much. I think she has reached an age or maturity level where the severity of our house fire has sunk in deep. She remembers the fire. She was 2 1/2 when it happened. She can vividly recall almost every detail of that day. She even remembers things I don't, like what our neighbors gave her to eat and what color cup they put water in for her while we waited at their house for the firemen to put of the fire. I on the other hand, have no memory of her eating or drinking anything. Talking about the fire has never really been an issue for her. Until now. Fire safety week totally freaked her out. Since then, we have run many, many fire drills. Drills from every single room in the house. She wanted to be sure she knew what to do if a fire started while she was in her bedroom, the kitchen, her bathroom, the playroom, etc.... We've tested and retested every single fire alarm in our house. We've practiced calling 911 and pushing the fire button on our alarm system. We've located every single fire hydrant between our house and her school. Do you how often you pass fire hydrants on the road? Oh like every 50 feet! They are everywhere and we know about all of them. For most parents fire safety week is a non-issue. Their kid thinks fire is cool and that it won't happen to them. We can't. Curly knows a fire can and has happened. She fought going to sleep for about 2 weeks after fire safety week. Both day naps and dark naps (Curly lingo). The main reason being, she was taking a nap when we had our house fire. She remembers me running in and grabbing her our of bed. After many tears, talks, prayers, stories and fire alarm testing, she has improved on her sleeping this past week. She isn't fighting it much anymore, but she still is full of questions and concerns about fire. We are doing our absolute best to help her. We don't want her to be afraid. We want to know what to do in case of a fire and to put her trust in God. This week has definitely been much better and hopefully will continue to get better.

Curly and The Bear about a week after the fire. We were living with Aunt Jenna and Uncle Prem at the time. So little and so cute!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Farm Day

This past week Lauren and Luke flew in from New Mexico. We were invited down to Luke's family's farm on Friday to spend the day and attend a barn dance that night. They have just finished building a new barn on their land so it was kind of a barn opening dance. Daddy had school. Boo! So sadly he could not join us. The girls and I woke up Friday morning and made our way down to Hamilton, GA for some good farm fun. The last time The Bear had seen her Uncle Luke was in Augusta during Christmas. She was not exactly his biggest fan. I was wondering if after 10 months apart she would like him better. Well it turns out she is Uncle Luke's biggest fan as long as he is driving a 4 wheeler. Both our girls LOVED riding around the farm on the 4 wheelers. "Faster! Faster! Faster!" " Speed Up!" "Why are you going so slow?" Those were some of the most commons things they yelled while riding. When Curly was smaller (before The Bear came along) we visited family in Oklahoma. Curly was scared silly on their 4 wheelers. She loved this time though. The girls also fed some horses, fished, and square danced. We all had so much fun. Thanks so much to the Dorman Family for inviting us and allowing us to enjoy your farm all day. We had a great time.

Feeding carrots to the horses. She was not afraid.

Curly feeding horses through the fence with Ben. She was totally afraid.

4 Wheelin' with Uncle Luke

Happy the horses are behind the fence

Having a blast on the 4 wheelers

Fishing with Aunt Lauren. Also holding on for dear life to her ponytail. She kept saying "My ponytail is going to blow away!".

Curly fishing with Ben

Riding with her Aunt Lauren and Aunt Katie

The Bear all dressed up for the square dance with Uncle Luke

Haynes Family Picture
We missed Daddy a lot

Me and my girls ready for the dance

The Bear on the hay

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenna