Thursday, March 8, 2012


About 6 years and 20 weeks ago, I had an ultrasound that revealed my first baby would be a girl. I cried. I was completely relieved that she was healthy and perfect; however, I was a bit sad she wasn't a boy. I admit, I wanted only boys. I didn't want a girl. Then on March 3rd, 2006 my perfect little girl was born. I was never again sad that I didn't get that little boy. God had a much better plan for my life than I had. She has been a ray of sunshine since she was born. Full of life, always chatty, friendly, loving, sweet, compassionate, smart and so much more. I love being Curly's mommy.

We spent last weekend celebrating Curly's 6th birthday. She had been so excited in the weeks leading up to her birthday. Friday she had her birthday celebration at school. It also happened to be Dr Sesus' birthday celebration, so all the kids could wear PJ's to school. That morning she got to be on the morning announcements (or the news as she calls it). She said"Hi, I'm Mary Alice and I'll be 6 on Saturday". She was so excited to be on the news where everyone in the entire school got to watch her on TV. That girl loves an audience. I made cupcakes in the shapes of flowers for her class to enjoy. Her sweet teacher, Mrs Hutcherson, made her a crown to wear all day at school.
Sweet kindergartners in their PJ's

On Saturday, her actual birthday, Grandma and Pap Pap came to town. Unfortunately Pat was in school all day taking midterms. We went to go see The Lorax movie. Curly loved it. The Bear said she didn't. Saturday evening, Grandma and Pap Pap treat Curly and the rest of us to dinner at the American Girl Bistro in Alpharetta. Both girls really enjoyed bringing their dolls and experiencing the American Girl Dream.

Pap Pap and The Bear anxiously awaiting to eat at The American Girl Bistro

Pat was such a good sport throughout the whole experience

They give you little chairs for your doll and a tea cup with a saucer just her size

Sunday we had Curly's birthday party for all her friends at a jumping place called, Champion Kids. She and all her girlfriends had a blast jumping, sliding, swinging, zip lining, foam pitting, cake eating and laughing. Aunt Lauren, Uncle Luke, Aunt Jenna and Uncle Prem all came to play with her and her friends. Curly has so much fun. That night she said " I cannot believe today really happened. It was the BEST day of my life". I'll take that as a success ;0).

Hangin' around with Ella and Claire

Sliding with Ella

Swinging high

Foam Pit fun

Zip Line

Hello Kitty cake

Sweet Friends

Sweet Aunts

We've spent this week coming down off of birthday high. The Bear is impatiently waiting her 4th birthday in May. She just cannot stand sissy getting all these new presents and attention while she gets nothing. She has already told me she wants to go to the park with her friends and have a Diego cake. We'll see if that's what her ever changing mind still wants in May.

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