Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Dance

The past Friday was the annual Father Daughter Dance at our church. Curly had been looking forward to it since last years dance. It is for girls ages 4 and up, so The Bear just missed the cut off. She was none too pleased with that, but thankfully Aunt Jenna and Uncle Prem offered to take the girls for the weekend. The Bear got to spend Friday evening with them all by herself as a special treat while Daddy and Curly danced the night away. Curly enjoyed all the dance preparations : getting nails painted, getting her hair styled, getting dressed, her corsage, etc.... I so wanted to be a fly on the wall during this dance. Curly throughly enjoyed herself (as did Daddy). The pictures from the dance show the pure joy she was feeling. I love it! Now wait is on for next year's dance.

Putting her corsage on

She loved it

They clean up nice

Dancin' machines

Curly and Kathryn Ann

Curly and Ella

Claire and Hailey.

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