Monday, October 31, 2011

Country Weekend

This past weekend we were invited back to the Dorman Family farm by Lauren and Luke. Pat was off of school (WOO HOO) and the weather was going to be perfect. Pat had never been able to go to the farm before because of school. The girls were over the moon about going. They love spending time at the farm, especially The Bear. She's a country girl at heart. We picked Pat up from work on Friday afternoon and drove out to Hamilton, GA.

Friday evening was a lot of fun. Luke's cousin, Mallory, is in the Auburn University Singers. Have a look at them here They were having their Halloween social that night. It was a scavenger hunt with the farm being the final destination. Mallory and the rest of the social committee arrived to set up the decor and food. Then groups of costumed show choir kids showed up. Each car load of people that arrived had themed costumes. There was a Jersey Shore crew, Smurfs, Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep, gangsters, Power Rangers, and a few more that I cannot remember. They ate, danced, and had a great time. We felt like chaperons. Luke told them that all they had to do for using the barn for their social was to perform one song for us. They totally did. I felt like I was in a real life episode of Glee. It was so fun; however, they were there very late. Which meant we all went to bed very late (except for the girls who went to bed at a decent hour and slept through all the noise in the barn).

Saturday was a bit windy and cold, but nothing that jackets, hats and gloves can't solve. We 4-wheeled, fished, and roasted hot dogs and smores over a fire. The Bear loves 4-wheeling more than anything. She will do anything for anybody as long as they promise to take her out on the 4-wheeler. Both girls were excited to go fishing. We even bought a little cheap Barbie fishing pole for them to share. Unfortunately the fish weren't biting when we went out on the pond. So we just enjoyed the beautiful day and all the fall foliage around. Pat enjoyed himself as well. Being in the great outdoors beats a stuffy classroom any day.

Feeding the horses

Part of a deer jaw bone


Roasting hotdogs

The Bear's favorite thing ever

Curly likes 4-wheeling too. She doesn't like to go quite as fast as The Bear though.

Family pic

Sitting in the tractor wheel

It was sad to leave the farm on Sunday. Thankfully that evening we were invited to Jenna and Prem's for a cookout with cousin Sarah. She drove in from Oklahoma for the Georgia Tech vs Clemson game. It's always fun to see sweet Sarah. Lauren drove up from the farm for dinner too. Since this was the night before Halloween, Curly and The Bear received music lessons from their Aunt Lauren and Aunt Jenna to help them with the characters they were going to be the next day. Curly was going as Pocahontas for Halloween and The Bear as Ariel.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Frenzie

The past two weeks have been filled with lots of fun fall activities. Pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, fall parties, field trips, and finishing up soccer season just to name a few. I'm just going fill this post up with pictures to show what we've been up to the last few weeks. Now that soccer season has ended, I should have more time and energy to post most blogs. Enjoy the pictures...

We visited the pumpkin patch as a family to pick out our pumpkin

We picked out a big one. Curly was excited to get into the slime.

The Bear just wanted to watch it being carved. She had no interest in touching slime. She did play with a few pumpkin seeds.

The Bear's sweet little 3 yr old choir sang the Doxology to bless Wednesday night dinner at church. I need to upload the video I took. It was very sweet.

The Clash's soccer season came to an end. Each girl received a plaque with their name on it, a new soccer ball, and most importantly to them, a cookie cake.

I helped Curly's kindergarten class to make a scarecrow for their classroom.

I chaperoned Curly's class on a field trip to Yahoo Farms in Jasper, GA. Thankfully it was a gorgeous fall day filled with blue skies and colorful leaves. It was a really fun place to take the kids. There was a small butterfly garden, a bounce house, a hay maze for kids (the adults could do a corn maze), a hayride, pumpkins, animals, a pumpkin train ride, and lots of wide open spaces.

Leaving for a fun hayride

Hayride fun

My view out of the back of the hayride. At one point we drove through a muddy creek. The kids thought that was big stuff.

I helped out with The Bear's preschool class's fall party yesterday. Curly's party is on Monday and I'll be there too.

Sweet little class decorating cookies to eat for their party snack.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to the Farm

This past weekend, we were invited to the Dorman Family Farm once again for their annual Square Dance. Unfortunately it fell on a weekend Pat was in school again so he couldn't go with us. (Have I mentioned before how I am WAY past ready for school to be over ;0)). The girls have been looking forward to going back to the farm ever since last year. The Dorman's are so sweet to have us over to play at the farm, eat yummy food and dance.

The Bear went with her Gran and Aunt Katie on Friday to the farm. Curly had a soccer game Saturday morning so she and I drove over after the game. The girls enjoyed fishing, 4 wheeling and feeding horses during the day. Thankfully we were able to get them both to take a nap prior to the evening festivities. Sadly as soon as we were all ready to enjoy the square dance, The Bear hurt her arm pretty bad. She was pretty upset and just to rule out any possibility her arm was actually broken, we high tailed it to the nearest ER in Warm Springs, Georgia. Gran accompanied us to the ER, thankfully, so I was not alone with The Bear. When we arrived, it was pretty empty. I felt relieved. I mistakenly thought "Great no one is here. This should be fast". I was wrong. There had been a motorcycle accident with two young men. One arrived by ambulance just before we arrived. The other was okay enough to be driven in by a friend. He arrived just after us. He had open bleeding wounds sitting in the waiting room right by us. Not very pleasant to look at. We got called fairly quickly to triage. However, when we walked into the triage room, there was blood all over the counter top and floor. I suppose from the first motorcycle accident victim ahead of us. GROSS! They apologized and cleaned up the blood (kinda), and then assessed The Bear. Then we were asked to go sit back in the waiting room and wait for x-ray to call us back. At this point the waiting room was filling up with many family members and friends of the two motorcyclists. Lots of people, little seating options, and an bleeding man still sitting right next to me. The joys of the ER. Finally we were x-rayed and called back to a room to wait on the doctor. He determined she just had a bad sprang in her elbow. Lectured me about how not to hold my kid when swinging her. After taking what seemed like forever to get our paperwork done, they finally discharged us. This was my first and I pray my last experience with an ER. We arrived back at the farm in time to enjoy a nice hayride on a beautiful night.

Monday morning I took The Bear to the same orthopedist who helped with her broken leg last winter. He put a cast on her to help keep the elbow immobile for two weeks. She was so excited to get a purple cast this time. She is so proud of it and loves to show it off to people. This arm cast is SO much easier to deal with than the leg cast last winter. I am very thankful for that. The girls are already asking when we get to go back to the farm. Guess I have two country girls at heart ;0).

4 Wheeling with Ben

Pure Sweetness!

Hangin' with Clint

A little pre injury dancing with their Aunts

Curly and Aunt Jenna

Aunt Lauren and The Bear

After returning from the ER, I wanted to get a quick picture of the girls together since I didn't get one earlier. The ER put The Bear in a sling that was WAY too big for her but she wore it until we got the cast on. The Bear still managed a sweet smile after crying for a few hours and being up way past her bedtime.

Sunday morning, The Bear really wanted to go out and feed the horses before we left. Ben was so sweet to walk her out to them. It started raining pretty good on them but The Bear still wanted to go. Ben picked her some flowers on the way back.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Disney 2011

We were able to successfully surprise our two little princesses with a trip to Disney! Woo Hoo! Friday I picked up Curly an hour early from school. I told the girls we were going to visit some friends and that we had to drive a long way and stay at a hotel. That satisfied them. They love hotels. I don't really get it. We picked up Pat from work and beat all the Friday afternoon traffic out of Atlanta and Macon. Our drive was uneventful and smooth sailing. That was a HUGE relief. Unfortunately Saturday night was the Florida/Alabama football game in Gainsville. I knew this ahead of time and planned on us driving straight through Gainsville and staying about 30 miles south in Ocala hoping that most of the football crowd was staying either in Gainsville or north. I was wrong. Ocala was packed with Gator and Bama fans. Not ideal but we already had reservations and the girls were beat. Thankfully since the game was Saturday night, we were up and out of there before the mass exodus of football fans.

As we drove into Disney World, Curly started seeing signs with Mickey Ears and Cinderella's Castle. She said "Are we going to the Magic Kingdom?" "Yes, Yes we are at the Magic Kingdom!". The girls were thrilled. We checked into the fabulous Grand Floridan Resort. This resort was seriously amazing. Thankfully our room was ready early so we just dropped our bags off in our room and jumped on the monorail conveniently located at our resort and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We enjoyed a full day of rides and character greetings. We stayed to watch the fireworks that evening and then took a boat back to our resort that night.

Sunday we took the girls to the Animal Kingdom. The loved it. I had three main things on my agenda 1 - The Safari 2 - The Lion King show and 3 - Meet Pocahontas. We accomplished all three before 10 am. I was so thrilled. We spent the rest of the time relaxing and letting the girls decide what they wanted to see. The Bear was in her element. She loved all the animals.

Monday we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to do the stuff we had not been able to on Saturday when it was a lot more crowded. Our first stop was Thunder Mountain. Curly just hit the 40 inch height requirement. She and Pat rode it, got off and got right back on and rode it again. She LOVED it. It was the highlight of her trip. She was still a bit to small for Space Mountain. Maybe next time. The Bear's favorite ride was the carousel (which is insists on calling a seesaw). Pat had to leave us at 2 in the afternoon to go get cleaned up for his conference meeting that evening. The girls and I stayed behind, enjoyed a fun parade, rode some more rides and had dinner. Then it was time to say good-bye to the Magic Kingdom. Curly was especially upset about this. Poor girl didn't want to leave. That evening we got to watch the fireworks from our resort which was a nice way to end our trip.

Tuesday the girls and I drove back by ourselves. It was a long drive. We had a great time at Disney, but I'm still trying to recover. The trip wiped me out.

Checking in at the Grand Floridian

Classic Dumbo ride is always a favorite

The Bear enjoyed flying on the magic carpet ride until the camel spit water on us. It was just a little bit of water, but she was so offended she didn't want to ride this ride again.

Just like last year, The Bear wanted nothing to do with Aladian or any another other boy character.

Passed out after all the fun

Safari ride

Curly wants to be Pocahontas for Halloween so it was very exciting to meet her. Curly was a bit disappointed that John Smith was not with Pocahontas. He is by far her favorite Disney leading man. Not sure if it's the blonde hair or that he is more of a manly man than the various princes, but she has always loved John Smith.

Ring around the rosie with Chip and Dale

Boneyard Playground

We strolled over to the Wedding Chapel at our resort. This is the view from the alter inside the chapel.

Thunder Mountain!


They didn't really want to stop to take a castle picture but I made them anyway