Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bear Tales

Curly continues to love kindergarten. She comes home full of fun stories and a bit tired. She wakes up each day between 5:30 and 6 am on her own full of energy. By the time I walk in her room at 6:30, Curly has already dressed and made her bed. We've been putting her to bed a bit earlier each evening since she is waking up so early each day.

The Bear has been enjoying alone time with momma while Curly is in Kindergarten. We've been enjoying time at the park and doing puzzles (Bear's personal favorite thing). She started a little ballet class at our church. Curly took the same ballet class two years ago. Ballet was a bit too slow and boring for Curly. She loved the recital at the end but the weekly practices just weren't her cup of tea. The Bear seems to really enjoy it so far. Next week she will start preschool 3 days a week. We went to meet her teachers, Ms Robbi and Ms Heather last week at open house. They were also Curly's teacher's when she was in the 3's class. I think The Bear is really looking forward to going to school. Every time we drive past the preschool she says "Look there's my school. It's not sissy's school anymore. It's my school".

The Bear also has a weird yet very funny obsession with moles. As in the spots on your skin. I discovered a mole on her shoulder a few months ago. When I told her about it, she was so excited. I guess she had noticed the moles on my arms and in her sweet little head made the association that moles = mommy. As soon as I pointed out her mole she said " Yay! I'm going to be a mommy when I grow up". I asked her why she said that and her response was "Now that I have a mole, I can be a mommy and I'll wear pink shirts". Ummmm... okay, yes that's exactly what moles mean. I have spotted a few more moles on her body since then and she gets so excited about each one. Maybe in her mind each mole represents a child. If that were the case though, I'm a few hundred kids short of my mole count. Next time you see The Bear, ask her to show you her moles. It will make her day.

Ballet Buddies Mim, Abby and Bear

Bear and Abby August 2011

Big Sister's Curly and Avery August 2009

Bear and Ms Robbi

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bus

Curly was adamant that she was going to ride the bus to school this morning. So I let her. We all got up early. Our bus stop is the first pick up of the morning at 7 am. Poor little Bear was still half asleep walking up to the bus stop. That little girl knows the beauty of sleep. Curly on the other hand is my naturally early riser and was already awake and picking out her clothes when I walked into her room this morning. The bus driver's name is Ms. Karen. She is super sweet. Curly thought she was big stuff getting on that bus. I was anxious all day to hear how she liked riding the bus so long in the morning while they made many other stops to pick up more kids. This was our conversation when she got off the bus this afternoon:

Me: "So how was riding the bus to school this morning?"

Curly: "Mom, the bus is so awesome. I am going to ride it to school everyday. I met a friend. She is in Kindergarten too but she has a different teacher. She said she rides the bus everyday. We will sit together."

Me: "What is her name?"

Curly: "Oh, well, we didn't talk about names."

So I'm a bit torn. I definitely don't like waking up even earlier (nor does The Bear) and walking up to the bus stop. But I don't want to deny Curly a fun experience. I'll probably end up driving her some days and letting her take the bus on other days.

Day 2 of Kindergarten was just as awesome as Day 1. Today she had PE class. Tomorrow she will have art class. She's loving every single second of Kindergarten. I hope this whole year goes this smoothly.

Ms Karen the bus driver
Waving Good-Bye

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big Day!

Today was Curly's first day of Kindergarten. She has been anticipating this day since her Pre K graduation. To say she was excited is an understatement. This morning I walked into her room to wake her up but when I opened the door she was already awake. We got dressed, got The Bear up (she was NOT awake yet) and headed down for breakfast. Then we all piled into the van and drove Curly to her new school. When we got there she just hopped right out of the van, gave us a quick wave and skipped inside. It happened so fast. I turned to Pat and said " But I didn't take enough pictures. I should have walked her in. What if she doesn't remember where her class is". He assured me she was fine. Today seemed like the loooooooongest day ever. I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn't think about her every second. Finally it was time to walk up to the bus stop and get her. When the bus doors opened, Curly bounced down the stairs with a HUGE smile and announced " Kindergarten Rocks! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!". After we walked home I checked her bag to see what the teacher sent home. In her bag was a Yogli Mogli t-shirt that she won in a drawing from Sneak A Peek last Friday. Curly had no idea she had won. She was extremely excited about her tye dyed t-shirt. She really does seem to genuinely love school, her teacher, and the friends she made today. We are slowly getting info out of her but trying to get a 5 year old to recall all the details of a long day is difficult. Tomorrow I will let her ride the bus in the morning. I don't think it will be a normal thing because the bus comes so early, but she REALLY wants to try it out. Day one was a success! Let's hope day two is just as awesome.

Oatmeal and a banana for breakfast

All ready for Kindergarten
Maybe The Bear will miss Curly a little

She gave me a quick smile after she got out of the van in the carpool line

Then she turned and headed inside with no hesitation

Big girl on the bus

The cherry on top of her perfect day

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sneak A Peek

This morning was Sneak A Peek at Curly's Kindergarten. We got to go meet her teacher, see the classroom, and meet other kids in her class. I also got to be overwhelmed with paperwork and sign up lists. My head is spinning. Curly's teacher is Mrs Hutcherson. She seems very sweet and Curly instantly liked her. Of course her initial liking of Mrs Hutcherson is based solely on the fact that "she is very pretty with black hair like Princess Jasmine" and wore a beautiful purple dress =0). The reality of kindergarten starting has started to really hit Curly now. She is quite nervous. She asked her teacher this morning what exactly they will be doing the first day of school. Mrs Hutcherson explained all the fun things they will do and Curly seemed excited about it. There is also a Para Pro (Teacher's Aide) who works with her class named Mrs Jann. She is very sweet as well but lacked the purple dress so she didn't get quite as an enthusiastic approval as Mrs Hucherson did from Curly. Thankfully we do know one little girl in her class named Carly. She was in Curly's Sunday School class this past year. Carly's mom and I are so excited the girls are together and that we get to experience being first time kindergarten mom's together. Monday is the BIG day. There is a "Coffee, Tea, and Empahty" meet and greet for kindergarten parents that morning at the school. Pat thinks it's hilarious but I'm totally making him go with me =0). It's likely I'll cry but my main reason for going is to meet more parents. Our plan for this year is for me to drive Curly to school each morning ( our bus comes way too early) and let her ride it home. I'll post all about her first day next week. Here we go...

Mrs Hutcherson

Their classroom is called the Beehive and all the students are Honey Bees who all Bee-Long Together.

Working on pictures of themselves with her table partner, Natalie.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Since returning from our journey up north, we've pretty much just laid low. Lots of playing at home or at the pool. We went to the aquarium last week with some friends and saw the new dolphin show. Enjoying the last few weeks of summer before Curly starts kindergarten. I get teary eyed typing that word. I just can't believe it is happening already. She's too little to go to kindergarten right? She was just a baby yesterday.

About to see the dolphin show

Curly is having a little difficulty with this non structured end of summer. Throughout June she had swim team practice each morning. We had a routine each day. Since returning home from Minnesota, Curly is going a bit stir crazy. Each morning she asks me "What are we doing today?" "Who are we going to see today?". If I tell her we are just staying home or running errands she is extremely disappointed. Needless to say, Curly has zero anxiety about starting kindergarten. She will welcome the structure, the socialization, the excitement, the learning, and basically everything else school brings to the table.

The Bear is pretty much status quo. She still loves her milk, has no interest in eating much food, refuses to swim without her floatie, can spend hours working puzzles or coloring, and often pretends to be some kind of animal for hours at a time. She will be starting preschool at the end of the month.

Pat finished his summer semester with a 4.0. We are very proud of him and very excited his school is out through August. His summer schedule was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. He's halfway through his MBA program. This time next year will be be celebrating his graduation. Woo Hoo!