Friday, March 18, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Curly's preschool class put on a circus performance this past week. About a month ago we went to the actual Ringling Bros circus with some friends. It was a HUGE hit with the girls. They loved everything about the circus. I loved that it wasn't nearly as smelly as I remember as a kid ;0). Curly chose to be an acrobat in her school performance. Thankfully we already had a little leotard in our dress up clothes at home that would work just fine for an acrobat costume. It was extremely tacky, but with bright colors and sparkles it was perfect for Curly. The Bear insisted she was going to be a butterfly in the circus. I got her a little butterfly headband to wear. Curly practiced and practiced the circus songs as well as her acrobatic balancing acts for her tight rope walk. She was so excited the day of the circus. She told me that we would be served "popcorn and some drink called soda" after the performance. Clearly her teachers aren't originally from the south =0). Curly did an GREAT job. She is a little performer. She absolutely loves being on stage and pleasing her audience. We surprised Curly by having Aunt Debbie in the audience with us. She was driving back to Oklahoma after visiting Tyler in Clemson. She got to the performance right when it began. Curly's face was really cute when she saw Aunt Debbie from the stage. She got really wide eyed and her jaw dropped. It was a great surprise. Afterwards we celebrated by taking Curly to lunch anywhere she wanted. In perfect Curly fashion, she chose Chick-Fil-A.

The Butterfly Bear was memorized by the circus. She loved watching sissy and all her friends perform.

Curly is between the 2 tigers

The World's Strongest Men

The Ring of Fire

Walking the tightrope

Curly and Ms Carol

An acrobat and a circus bear

An acrobat and a zebra


Monday, March 14, 2011

Party like a 5 year old!

Sorry for the long blogging break. Guess it took me a while to recover from all the birthday hoopla plus I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of stuff at a consignment sale. Curly had two birthday celebrations. On her actual birthday we took her to Chuckie Cheese and met Aunt Jenna, Uncle Prem and Aunt Lauren for some pizza, fun and games. Then on Saturday we had a party for her friends at Champion Kids or as the girls call it " The Jumping Place". Bounce houses, trampolines, swings, a foam pit, zip line and more. The kids had a great time. Curly was SO excited about her birthday, but then when it actually arrived she was a bit overwhelmed. She had a great time with friends and family. We are extremely blessed to have Curly in our lives. She brings us so much joy each and every day.







Uncle Prem became the official foam pit thrower

He was very popular with the kids

Birthday Throne

Time to open presents

Daddy's favorite present was definitely the Pretty Pretty Princess game =0)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Our sweet, spunky, funny, talkative, silly, crazy, adorable Curly is five years old today. We are so happy and proud of the person is she becoming. Curly is a joy to be around. She is a great big sister to The Bear (most of the time). Curly has a wonderful caring heart. She has endless amounts of energy and endless amounts of questions. Be careful what you say around her, she hears all and forgets nothing. If you promised her something a year ago, she will bring it up. Curly has many sweet friends and loves making new friends. She is very excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall (mommy and daddy not so excited about that). Curly is still a girly girl. She loves pink, sparkles, babies, dressing up and well anything else that is girly.

I did a little interview with her this morning. I did this last year as well. It's fun to see what she answers:

What is your favorite color? Pink
What is your favorite food? Mac n Cheese (only Kraft though)
What is your favorite place? Home
What is your favorite book? Skippyjon Jones
What is your favorite movie? Snow White
What is your favorite thing to do? Swim
Where is a place you've never been but would like to go? Robert's house for a play date.
Where do you live? The United States of America
What do you want to do when you grow up? A hair cutter and a mommy
How many kids do you want? 8
What will their names be? Robert, Ethan, Michael, Lisa, Sparkle, Fira, Mali, Coley
How old is daddy? 54
What does daddy do? He tickles me
If daddy is 54, then how old is Papa? 55

Excited to be 5

The Bear is excited that she will get some cake today